Frequently Asked Questions

If I would like custom made shoes, what would I need to do?

If your interested in custom shoes, we will need you to come to our shop so that we can measure your feet, and for you to choose the style and color that you would like. Your shoes will then be available within a week.

Do you have shoes that I could purchase on the go?

Yes we do! If you find a shoe in the shop that is your size and style, then you could purchase it on the spot.

Can you make special made shoes for orthopedic needs?

Yes, we provide shoes for any orthopedic needs. But it is required that you come to the shop for the necessary evaluation and measurements. Let us know about your needs, and we will tailor to them.


Do you make shoe repairs?

Yes, our shop in Limassol, Cyprus makes all types of shoe repairs to both men’s and women’s shoes:

Sole reattachment or even sole replacement
Shoe re-stitching
Heels refitted or replaced
Zip replacement or repair
Shank Replacement
Leather upper repairs
And even bag repairs

How long would it take for a shoe repair?

This depends on the damage of the shoe. For example, a heel replacement can be done within a day and a sole replacement can be ready with in a week.

Do the shoes you repair have to be made by you?

No, we do not require your shoes to have been made by us. You can bring us any brand, any type of shoe, that you need it to be repaired, and we will make it brand new. If a shoe has been damaged too much, we will let you know if it can be repaired.

Customer Support

How long does it take on average for an order to be ready?

Usually it takes about a week for your shoes to be available.

Do you provide shipping?

Yes we do, but only with our existing customers that we have already taken their measurements in shop. For those customers who are in Cyprus for a very short time, we only require their measurements, and after they have placed their order with the shoe of their choice, we can ship it to them worldwide, free of charge.